Monday, October 5, 2009

Share the Wealth

Last night at church we heard the testimony of a young man and his dad for whom God has done some wonderful things in spite of horrific circumstances. At age 7 this young fellow underwent a routine tonsillectomy. Routine soon turned to ruin as he lay medically dead on the table for 15 minutes. Once revived he was rushed to a large hospital in Dallas where a few days later he was talking and laughing and making plans. Those plans were stifled when he fell into a coma one evening.

Two weeks into the coma, doctors were asking his parents to allow them to harvest the boy's organs. His parents could not agree with that course of action. One night as the boy's father struggled with the weight of the situation, a lady approached him. She told him things that only a person close to the family could know. She said everything would be alright with his son. She asked to pray with him and told him to let go of his anger. As he prayed and let go of his anger, he reported that he felt his burden vanish which was replaced by a sense of peace.

The woman, who seemed to know him, prayed also. Filled with a new sense of joy he was anxious to share what happened with his wife. Suddenly, he realized that he had forgotten to thank the lady. As he turned back to thank her, she was nowhere to be found. You may not believe in encounters with angels but this man sure does. I agree with him that God sent an angel that night to direct his attention to the only physician who really can heal, God.

The doctors became persistent that the boy's parents allow them to harvest their son's organs. They were even more adamant that their son would survive and in more than a vegetated state. A few days later as the father told jokes to his son, the boy came out of his coma laughing. Even the skeptical doctor had to admit it was a miracle and no medical reason could be given.

Since then, the boy, who is now 14, has overcome seizures, regained his sight, speech, and ability to walk. The story is too long to tell of all their struggles and hard work. He can run a mile these days. He is doing well in his school work. Through all his struggles, he has witnessed the persistence of his parents and the faithfulness and grace of God.

God has called the young man to preach. God has given him a tender heart that yearns to share the gospel and to share what God has done in him. His circumstances were horrendous but God is greater than any circumstance. He shares his testimony every chance he gets.

You and I may not experience such dire events and maybe we have or will. But God has shown Himself faithful in us as well. We have a story to tell also. He has worked miracles in or lives too. The same God that has shown Himself faithful in this young man has been just as faithful to us. Should not we then be happy and willing to share God's grace with others?

The young man and his dad do not embellish their story. They tell it simply and honestly. Yet, there is great power displayed when they testify. People are moved and God is glorified. Only eternity will declare what all God will produce from the testimony of this young man. God wants to use you the same way.

Tell your story of God's grace in your life. Let the power come not from your words but from the God who demonstrated His great love in YOU. Be a channel of blessing and share the wealth.

Because He lives,


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Rauxwright said...

What a word of encouragement that we all need to read, heed, and remember. We become complacent and, when life is no longer perfect for a season, begin to sulk and wallow in self pity. Forgive us, oh Lord, for not recognizing the love and amazing grace that you have given us freely. Let us all remember like Job, it could always be worse... Praise Report! My family and I went to Atlanta to a crusade with the X Games motorcross riders, skydivers, hot rods, bikes, fireworks, etc. What an awsome display of God, His word, His beauty, and best of all, hundreds coming to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ!...Hallelujah!!!!