Friday, November 14, 2008

Gobble Gobble

I'm sorry that so long has passed since my last post. I could list numerous plausible excuses, but suffice it to say that I have simply been lazy. With that said, lets see if we can make a few timely observations.

Well the end of the year is fast approaching and I expect that turkeys everywhere are growing nervous. Their "last supper" as it were is only two weeks away. I am sure turkey growers are happily expecting increased revenue from the coming Thanksgiving season. And we, consumers, will likely make those expectations come true.

I know that I am anxious to see ol' Tom Turkey roasting in the oven or being smoked by my brother-in-law, Matt. I love Thanksgiving. I love the food. Oh, the joy of seeing a table spread with turkey and dressing, candied yams, broccoli and rice casserole, green bean casserole, apricot congealed salad, corn on the cob, giblet gravy, cranberry sauce, and freshly buttered home-made rolls. Oh, and then there is dessert. I spy with my hungry eye, pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie, coconut cream pie, Italian cream cake, and peach cobbler. I had better stop there. Thinking of all that stuff is about to make me cry plus I am really hungry.

I love the people of Thanksgiving. Our church family will gather on the Monday before Thanksgiving for a church-wide dinner. I love my church family. So many are dear friends. Among them are many stories of God's goodness extended to Man. They encourage me and brighten my life. I love my immediate and extended family too. Some we do not get to see very often, so spending time with them is especially precious. Even for those family members we see every week, the time spent together is sweet.

I love the God of Thanksgiving. He has blessed us beyond our wildest dreams. He is bigger than my mind can begin to fathom and He takes time to know me, love me, and make a way for me to be related to Him so I can in return know Him. That alone is a great deal for which to be thankful. But He goes and adds the other things I mentioned above plus so much more. If we were to start naming all the blessings God bestows on us then we would never finish.

Your list of Thanksgiving treats will be different than mine. Your family situation will not be the same either, though I hope your family is filled with love one for another too. But the Lord is the same for us all. As He looks down on us in love and compassion, we should look up to Him with love and thanksgiving.

So before November 27 arrives and before we gobble gobble on all the good goodies, remember to remember that everything we enjoy was given to us by our Heavenly Father. Delight in Him and His greatness and be thankful. He has already given us so many desires of our hearts and more are on the way.

Because He lives,