Friday, May 22, 2009

A Fresh Coat of Paint

We are scratching an itch this weekend. What is the itch? Well, our family room has pinkish colored walls and carpet. It looks like we are entombed in a Pepto-Bismol room. Pepto is supposed to soothe, but the family room is far from soothing. So, we are painting and ripping out carpet.

We have already applied one coat of primer and I will be applying a second coat as soon as I finish this blog. I may take longer than usual to formulate my thoughts today. Not that I am procrastinating on the paint job though. Perish the thought! I was hoping one coat of primer would suffice, but no, those mauve walls need really need a thick coat to hide that hideous color. (I have nothing against the color mauve. It is a good color when used sparingly, but being surrounded by it is suffocating.)

Once primed, we will paint the ceiling white and the walls misty surf, which is a light, grayish blue. We hope it looks as good on the walls as it did on the sample card at Home Depot. Then we plan on ripping out the carpet to expose the hardwood floors. We expect a drastic difference and are anxious to see it finished. Amy's sister and her family are coming down for the weekend to lend a hand. Poor Jeff, he always has honey-do's waiting for him when he comes to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. If you feel the urge to come help, just message me for directions. We are accepting all applications, with approved credit, of course.

Home make-overs are all the rage. You can hardly turn on the TV without running into one. One teaches you how to remodel or redecorate while another shows you how to rearrange and yet another whets your appetite for all the latest gadgets and materials that you do not have but that your neighbor probably does have. Run! Run to the store and get what you need to keep up with the Jones. The problem is that the Jones are already at the store buying newer and even better stuff.

We like making over everything. We go to tanning salons to make-over the tone of our skin. We eat with Jenny Craig, run with Oprah, and work out with the Biggest Losers in order to make-over the shape of our bodies. We wear the latest fashions and get the latest hair-do as we make-over our appearance. Now, healthy living and looking nice are not bad things. I may even try it some day. But I wonder how much of that effort is really about dissatisfaction with what we have and wanting to be like someone else who we deem as the ideal. I wonder if most of it is just superficial.

Can I suggest a real make-over? Let God change you from the inside out. Jesus looked at the Prarisees and called them whited sepulchres full of dead men's bones. He was saying they looked good on the outside but were rotten on the inside. God makes us new on the inside and teaches how to transform our minds by the renewing of His word. Read your Bible. Pray everyday. Ask God to change you on the inside and you will see beauty emerge on the outside.

We are using paint to cover up what we considered unattractive. We can do that with our lives, too, by turning over a new leaf, making New Years resolutions, or addressing habits from a human point of view. That may clean up the outward man but may do little for the inward man. It is like prettying up a pig. When you are done, the pig will still run to the trough because it is a pig and that is its nature.

God gives us a new nature. We are created fresh and new in Christ Jesus. Let Him continue His work on you by changing you from inside out. The exterior that is produced will reflect the beauty within by how you live and love. When we accept God's love and love Him in return then we can fully love others and be loved by them.

Let the walls be walls and paint them when you wish but let your heart belong to God so He can make an eternal change in you. The difference will be drastic.

Because He lives,


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Adrianna said...

Can you please tell me what brand the Misty Surf paint is? I just bought my first home and have amassed an enormous amount of paint samples. I came across Misty Surf, but couldn't remember where I picked up the paint strip. And it didn't have a brand name on the back. Is it Behr, Glidden, Valspar? I love the color and have looked all over. The only place I haven't checked is Walmart and I am going there today. Thanks!